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With over twenty years of industrial engineering, lean, and six sigma experience, we have the knowledge and leadership to navigate organizations to success during these unprecedented economic times.

We Can Help

  • Cost Improvement

    Our financial support includes reducing supply costs, improving performance to budget, increasing revenue, and managing excessive salary and wage costs.

  • Flow Efficiency

    Efficiency and flexibility is the key to meeting your customers' demands quickly. We resolve issues that create bottlenecks in patient, product, consumer, transactional, and information process flows.

  • Productivity and Utilization

    Today, more organizations are being asked to do more work with less resources. Process Village has the experience to help you maximize the capabilities of your current workforce.

  • Customer/ Employee Satisfaction

    Have your customer satisfaction scores dropped? Do you have issues with employee retention? We work with clients to improve satisfaction scores from any population of stakeholder or customer.

  • Workload Balance and Standardization

    Sudden changes in business practices or staffing resources can result in imbalances in work distribution and a lack of standardization. We perform workload capacity analysis and process standardization to ensure your business is optimizing the efficiency of your staff.

  • Quality Improvement

    The well-being of staff and customers is more important than ever. Our quality efforts focus on improving safety for any type of employee or patron. It also includes addressing issues associated with product defects, redundancies, and process variability.

  • Office/ Supply Organization

    Make your workplace more efficient through organization and visual management. We use fundamental concepts of lean to decrease time finding supplies and improve efficiency of workspaces.

  • Project Planning and Facilitation

    Let us help you plan and facilitate your organization's major continuous improvement initiatives. We handle projects of any size from department to system level.

Healthcare Consulting

Healthcare has been under a considerable amount of operational adversity for the past few years. We develop solutions to address these and many other opportunities found in the industry.

  • Procedural Turnaround Time Reduction

  • Medical Supply Cost Reduction

  • Patient Satisfaction Improvement

  • Length of Stay Reduction

  • Nursing Staff Retention Improvement

  • ED Wait Time Reduction

Education Consulting

The education industry continues to experience dramatic fluctuation of processes, procedures, and capabilities due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Process Village identifies solutions to address your institution's individual opportunities.

  • COVID-19 Screening Compliance

  • Student Drop-off and Pick-Up Efficiency

  • Student Block Schedule Optimization

  • Economically-Impacted Student Learning Improvement

  • Collegiate Recruitment and Retention Improvement

  • Collegiate Registration Process Improvement

Manufacturing Consulting

For years, organizations in manufacturing have turned to the philosophy of Lean Six Sigma to improve processes. We use Process Village's Lean Six Sigma techniques to solve many of the industries most persistent problems.

  • Product Lead Time Reduction

  • Product Defect Reduction

  • Machine Utilization Improvement

  • Set-Up Time Reduction

  • Work Standardization Implementation

  • Supply Cost Reduction

Small Business Consulting

Process Village supports the efforts of local small businesses because we know that they are vital to the sustainment of local economy. We provide services to help these organization overcome operational hurdles as they continue to grow.

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Supply Cost Reduction

  • Turnaround Time Reduction

  • Revenue Generation Enhancement

  • Performance to Budgetary Improvements

  • Product Quality Improvement

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

President of Process Village

Jazz Patterson

Jazz Patterson is the Founder, President, and primary Master Black Belt of Process Village. He received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Howard University in Washington, DC, a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt from Vought Aircraft Industries, Inc., and an Advanced Master Certification of Lean Six Sigma from Villanova University. His career in Lean Six Sigma began at Vought Aircraft Industries in Dallas, TX where he worked for 9 years to improve the efficiency of products such as the V-22 Osprey, CH-47 Blackhawk Helicopter, and the Airbus A320. In 2008, he transitioned to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas where he later became the Manager of the Operational and Clinical Excellence department, a group of Lean Six Sigma Black Belts charged to promote and grow the hospital’s culture of continuous improvement. Over the 21 years of his career, he has contributed to the Lean Six Sigma training and certification of more than 1,200 employees, the supervision of over 600 projects, and cost savings of more than $34 million.


James Berg

Senior Healthcare Executive

Jazz Patterson reported to me as Manager, Operational Excellence with responsibility to advance the "Do Good. Save Money." cultural framework. A key driver was reducing Cost/CMI Adj Discharge while optimizing clinical outcomes and engagement scores (relationships). Lean Six Sigma was advanced. Jazz and his team of five Black Belts trained more than 800 staff (employees, physicians, volunteers, interns) in LSS 101 methodology and advanced 250 yellow belts, 50 green belts and 1 Black Belt with $34M in documented savings. Primary Points of Service (PPOS) were initiated to relieve nurses of things that got in their way of providing great care. Jazz and his team led new operational projects including Patient Transportation, Room Service and RTLS. RTLS evolved beyond locating equipment to tracking arrival/departures. This teed up predictive analytics and computerized simulation for better management of patient flow. This is truly high level! CPAD improved 11% and Employee and Physician Engagement scores reached 90%tile. Jazz and the Ops Excellence Team, well done! Jim Berg Retired President Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas

Vince Prosperi

Vice President of Sales East Zone at CenTrak

As the vendor representative for Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas' enterprise location services platform, I worked with Jazz Patterson for several years. Jazz led the project to leverage what was at the time new and emerging technology for throughput, efficiency and quality improvements in workflows across the enterprise. He proficiently applied his Six Sigma skills to make the most of new data while effectively working with leadership in many different functional roles to meet their business and clinical needs. His leadership style is engaging, goal focused and service oriented, leading to loyal and motivated project team members. Jazz was ultimately recognized for his contributions and promoted to higher level responsibilities for the Texas Health Resources health system. Working with Jazz was a rewarding experience for me and many others involved in our project.

Jared Shelton

President at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Allen

Jazz is an experienced business process improvement leader. He has an innate ability to translate technically complex theory to all employees regardless of skill level and help them to not only understand Lean and Six Sigma, but also to put them into practice. On top of that, Jazz is also a positive influence on our company's culture.

Felixia Colón

Senior Vice President eHealth Solutions-CORE Service Lines at SCP Health

Mr. Patterson is one of those rare employees that not only is dedicated to their job, but also ensuring his teammates, direct reports, and other coworkers also grow and excel in their own job roles. I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Patterson as a contracted employee for the hospital. He allowed me and the medical director to participate in a Lean Six Sigma class. The education he provided us for Lean, as well as, tools with how to implement a plan, I’ve still used at other organizations. He has also served as a mentor to me when it came to ensuring a plan was well implemented from “idea to action”. He is a great addition to any organization and a great coworker/mentor.

Clint Abernathy

President at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Alliance

Jazz is a phenomenal human that focuses on serving others first. This strength overlays all of his great work as a professional. Jazz and I have been colleagues for 10 years. His work ethic, creativity, dependability and delivery are all excellent. He has helped develop Lean Six Sigma in a very complex 24,000 employee organization. Through this, culture, efficiencies, cost savings, innovations and effectiveness have all been majorly improved. As his leader for 5 years, I highly recommend Jazz in any role he seeks.

Kurt Shampine

SVP FutureFlowRx Hospital Solutions at ProModel Corporation

I met Jazz when Texas Health and our company collaborated on a ground breaking Patient Flow simulation and optimization project. Jazz was the head of their Operational and Clinical Excellence Department and was best leader and collaborator that it has been my pleasure to work with. His sheer crossover knowledge of hospital practices/business savvy and true engineering (Lean/ 6 Sigma & beyond) made him the ideal person to create real value added solutions for his customer (Texas Health). Jazz has fantastic instincts made him an amazing partner and I am so I'm happy I got the chance to work with him — I hope we get to do it again.

Drake Goolsby

Director Intellectual Property Commercialization

Jazz’s combination of innovative thinking, resilience, high integrity, and great communication makes him one of the most impressive people I’ve ever worked with. And I look forward to any possibility to work with him again.

Dan Hickman

Chief Technology Officer at Promodel Corporation

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Jazz and his team on the development of a new software product focused on prescriptive analytics within patient flow. ProModel searched hard to find the perfect group of folks to iterate on a new product with. After an extensive search, the “THD Operational and Clinical Excellence” team that Jazz managed was exactly what we were looking for. First, this team took their jobs serious but not themselves, which I think is a reflection of their manager Jazz. Second, this team had a proven history of innovation within THD. We needed a partner that will help guide the necessary product features. Third, we needed folks that shared our passion in process improvement. Jazz created and lead a team of Certified Lean/ Six Sigma Black Belts. Bottomline: Jazz is a proven innovative leader with a passion in hospital operation process improvement. He is a pleasure to work with. He is humbly intelligent and I hope he and I have a chance to work together again in the future.

Mark Lester

Chairman Of The Board at American Association for Physician Leadership®

Jazz Patterson has worked diligently for years within Texas Health Resources, beginning at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas. He is superbly qualified and has been very successful with performance improvement. He is highly conversant with Six Sigma and Lean and has facilitated numerous successful projects. His personal skills and ability to form relationships are exemplary and these have enabled his success. He has been a significant asset to employees, physicians, and executive leaders in performance improvement and can provide real leadership in driving an organization towards its operational goals.

Judy Travis

Healthcare Executive | Ambulatory | Retail | Rehab Services | Oncology | Program Management | Food & Nutrition Services

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jazz Patterson for the past 8 years. He is an expert in Lean Six Sigma and a great teacher. He has mentored many healthcare executives on LSS tools and projects. His contributions to improved operations and cost savings continue to inspire others. He develops strong relationships with team members. Jazz is an excellent leaders with incredible business process improvement skills.